Doctor strange

A neurosurgeon at the top of his field loses the use of his hands in an accident, but gains so much more.

Doctor strange, played flawlessly by Benedict Cumberbach, travels to far corners of the Earth to heal his hands, when he stumbles across a world of mystic arts.

In the role she was born to play as 'The Ancient One'  Tilda Swindon enlightens Doctor Strange, teaching him how to transcend different universes and ultimately save the world.

While the character portrayal, costumes, set design and especially the sense of humour are all strong throughout this film, time management lets it down.

Comparisons can be drawn between Doctor Strange and The Matrix, whereby a gifted human is trained by a 'guru' in how to manipulate time and space.

The Matrix was spread across four films, while Doctor strange transcends from a mere mortal, to a flying, time travelling, Earth saving hero in just one hour and fifty-five minutes.

As a die hard Marvel fan it pains me to say, the sheer speed at which the storyline progresses left audience members trying to piece together unfinished branches of the film.  

Had the film been spread across a more realistic time frame, it would have been a masterpiece.  

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